Write it Forward: 2017 – 2018 Feedback

We are keeping track of the impact the “You Make a Difference” Letter is having around the world. Click on the month to see ALL the feedback. Below is a sample.

Letters were sent out Monday September 11th.

BOLD = class discussion points!

September 14th, 2017 (Tiverton, RI 15 minute letter): Email from a Hanover High Secretary 

A woman called this afternoon.  She was a Hanover resident for 35 years and had two children go through Hanover Public Schools.  “The daughter was a wonderful student; the son was ok – you know boys!” (her words not mine!)  
She told me that her granddaughter unfortunately passed away a long time ago.  The family awards an annual scholarship through the DARE program.  S.D., a freshman, received this scholarship in 2014.  He wrote her an amazingly thoughtful and heartfelt letter thanking her once again for the scholarship.  He wrote about how the scholarship changed his life.  He could not thank her enough for everything she did for him and every other person that she helped over the years. She asked if she could read the letter to me.  She did and broke down crying while reading it. 
Mrs. Z. could not thank you enough for assigning this task to the students.  She said the letter made her day, and made her life.  She will never be the same.  
I am so sorry that you were not available for this phone call this afternoon. 
Please call her at your earliest convenience! She would really like to thank you personally.
How sweet!
September 14th, 2017 (Connecticut) Email: Dear Mr. Molloy,
        We received a most heartwarming and endearing letter today from our grandson, S.R.  My wife and I were deeply touched and remembering those wonderful times in the past was a joy.  Thank you for introducing letter writing to this generation.
        I have a comment and a question.  As part of my retirement I teach third year medical students the value of communication.  During the session I ask if any of them have ever handwritten a letter to a member of their family.  Overwhelmingly the answer is NO!  When I recall and still read some of the many letters I wrote as a young man to siblings and parents, I am sorrowed to think that this generation will miss all that.  I hope your session may be a beginning for some to start writing.  Email and text are not enough. Teacher Question: How many text / snapchats per day?
        My question is that since S. sent his letter to both of us, may I copy the instructions for Write it Forward so my wife and I can respond individually.  I do hope I am clear in our intent.
        Best wishes,
September 14th, 2017 (Hanover): Student was taken out to lunch @ Fridays by Grandparents. The student had a fantastic pasta meal!
September 14th, 2017 Text: Nana (Bridgewater) to Granddaughter: “Hi I just received your letter, what a beautiful letter from a beautiful granddaughter. So precious and loving! Your letter I will always treasure, but I treasure you more. You light the world with your smile. You are truly a gift, I love you so much from Nan!
September 14th, 2017 Text (Braintree 30 minutes) Nana to Granddaughter: S. I just finished crying, your letter to me and Papa was so beautiful!! Thank you so much!!! I still have A’s when she wrote to us too. We were very touched!!  Image result for kiss emojiImage result for kiss emojiImage result for kiss emojiImage result for kiss emoji
September 15th, 2017 Text (Trumbull, CT, 30 minutes) Pop-Pop to Grandson: A, I got your letter and loved it. I will be writing a letter to someone too. Love you and can’t wait to see you soon. 

 September 15th: Email to Teacher: I want to commend you on the project you set out for your students.  My grandson, P.M. wrote a LONG  letter to me (and I know that was hard) which I now cherish and enjoy reading again and again.  Keep up your good work.  The students will remember your work long after they leave school, and all the recipients are grateful to get such positive boosts!

(P.M.’s grandmother)

 September 16th: Email to Teacher: This letter brought happy tears to our eyes and big smiles on our faces. What a great activity and what a special grandson our A is. Thank you Mr. Molloy, we will “Write It Forward”‘  Grandparents

September 17th: Student feedback: Visit from Grammy (Osterville) who said “I loved it and am going to frame it.

September 18th: Email to Teacher: I just received a letter from my grandson and I was so happy to get such a great letter from my favorite grandson. He loves your school and talks all the time about how much fun he and his friends have living and learning in Hanover.
Looking forward to seeing if it gets back to. you.
A grandfather Quincy MA.

September 18th: Email to Teacher: Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your write it forward project.  M is the youngest of my six grandchildren and other than thank you notes this is the first letter I have ever received! What a joy it was to receive!  Please know I have forwarded a letter to someone who is very special to me and also sent a return letter to my grandson. In this age of texting and e-mailing I hope this project will generate many hand written letters. Again thank you so much for this special project and I’m very thankful that M has such an amazing teacher.



September 18th: Student Feedback “I loved it!” Papa Geno (Milton)

Email to Teacher: Mr. Molloy My name is B.C. and I just received the most wonderful letter from my granddaughter, D. through your project. I was surprised and pleased with the memories that she mentioned and must say it certainly brought a smile to my lips! I am pleased to send a letter on to continue this project forward. In this day and age of electronics  a lot of good communication gets lost.
Sent from my iPad (Grandma’s using technology) 

Plenty of Texts acknowledging letters (we did not list all)


September 22nd: Email to teacher from 2nd letter:

I received a letter from my longtime friend, Steve C. on behalf of John O.   Steve is like a brother to me as we served in the Navy together.  I was surprised and grateful to get this letter and have forward on.  Thanks for supporting this as it is always nice to hear from friends. 


Mick M.
Advance NC 
September 22nd: Email to teacher: Good morning, this is M.’s grandmother “Beans”.. Just received a letter from him, and encouraged me to send a letter of appreciation to someone special, this letter brought tears and enjoyment, and certainly brightened up my day…
I am writing to you in answer to your Write It Forward Project.  I am A’s Nene.  I got a kick out of A’s letter.  It is nice to see her memories. I knew she loved having been able to pet the chipmunks at my Cape home.  I am giving her a picture of one of my buddies to show you. (WOW: This will be great!) He would come when I called him and jump into the cup when I told him to and turned around when I told him and let me rub his back while he ate and would go back in fourth to his whole.  In all there were four chipmunks and all  the kids got a kick of having them eat out of there hands.  One in particular would put a little hop into his retreat and the kids would go dump tee dump. A asked me if I was going to bring my chipmunk with me when I moved off Cape and I told her I couldn’t because his family would miss him.   I always had large white clam shells for them to paint with water colors.
 When I retired I sold my house in Stoughton and my cottage in Dennisport and bought a home in Dennis on the North side of the Cape where most year round residents live so I had a lot of furniture to fix up the lower level of my new home for the kids.  One rooms with carpet I fixed up as a den and the kids and the other one I put a bunk bed and two single beds plus a bed the former owners left for me which was a hospital bed.  The kids would fight over bunk beds and the hospital bed.  Another room I fixed up with a kitchen table from the cottage so the kids could pain the shells or play with play dough if it was rainy out.  Another room I fixed up as a dance hall with posters of their favorite singers.  They would go down there and blast the radio and dance up a storm.  They never went into that room alone because there was a door at the end that went up to my garage.  They would sat there were ghosts in there.  I loved having the kids come down and always looked for sand dollars and big white shells to paint.  Easter was fun because all four families came down for dinner and a Easter egg hunt.  I would put one or two quarters in each egg and watch the kids go nuts, after dinner, to get the most eggs.  We still have an Easter egg hunt at whoever hosts Easter, but now its $1, $5, $10 and one $20.  My girls and I all contribute money.  Please keep this program going forward, it is a treat to see there memories.

Write it Forward: 2017 – 2018 Destinations

Over the course of the 17-18 school year, students have written a few letters of appreciation to important people in their lives. The individual feedback has been incredible.

The goal is for the recipients of the letters to “Write it Forward.” When the letter has been sent to a 5th person, we ask for the feedback sheet to be returned to us. The following is a list of the information we have received so far.

We are keeping track of all the towns, states, and countries our letters reach. The town is where the letter was sent from.


  1. The United States
  2. Canada


  1. California
  2. Connecticut (Standford, Trumbull)
  3. Florida: Naples, Wellington
  4. New York: Montauk
  5. Rhode Island: Tiverton
  6. South Carolina
  7. Tennessee: Brentwood
  8. Not yet
  9. Louisiana: Terrytown
  10. Massachusetts: (See towns below)
  11. Michigan: East Lansing
  12. Nebraska
  13. New Hampshire: Bartlett
  14. Wyoming

Massachusetts Towns

  1. Boston
  2. Braintree
  3. Cambridge
  4. Dorchester
  5. Franklin
  6. Hanover
  7. Hingham
  8. Hull
  9. Marshfield
  10. Marston Mills
  11. Middleboro
  12. Milton
  13. Norwell
  14. Osterville
  15. Pembroke
  16. Plymouth
  17. Quincy
  18. Rockland
  19. Sandwich
  20. Westwood
  21. Weymouth
  22. Wilbraham, MA

Not yet

  1. Bridgewater
  2. Danvers
  3. Dennis
  4. East Bridgewater
  5. Hanson
  6. Lakeville
  7. Norwood
  8. Scituate
  9. West Roxbury
  10. Yarmouthport

Write it Forward: 2017 – 2018

This year, the students at Hanover High will send out a 2 – 4 letters in a Write it Forward Project. The students select an important person to write a sincere letter of appreciation. The goal is to write a letter that will be treasured and bring a smile or maybe a few tears to the recipient. We will list feedback each month. Click on each month to see how our letters have impacted others.

Letters written

Grandparents Day (September 10, 2017): The freshman students start of the year learning how a bill becomes a law. The example we look at is Jimmy Carter making Grandparents Day an official holiday celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in September. The freshmen students will write a letter to a grandparent, great grandparent, or other close family member of friend.

Thanksgiving (November): This is a great time of year to give thanks and let others know how they have made a positive difference in our lives.

2017-2018 Feedback











Past years:


2016-2017 FeedbackWhere Have our Letters Gone?

Como Foi Meu Final de Semana

Meu final de semana foi divertido, mas ao mesmo tempo bem corrido. Passei grande parte do tempo pensando em como iria ser o projeto daqui pra frente e o que deveria ser feito. Bem, primeiramente tive que pensar em uma pessoa para enviar a primeira carta do projeto. Foi dificil, pois sao inumeras as pessoas que sao importantes para mim, mas no final deu tudo certo, e a carta ja esta em rumo ao Brasil.

Agora o que resta e esperar, e continuar trabalhando no nosso web site e divulgando o projeto cada vez mais.

Write it Forward: December Feedback

Over the course of the 16-17 school year, students have written a few letters of appreciation to important people in their lives. The individual feedback has been incredible.

The goal is for the recipients of the letters to “Write it Forward.” When the letter has been sent to a 5th person, we ask for the feedback sheet to be returned to us. The following is a list of the responses for this month.

December 3rd, 2016

When I received the gratitude letter, I was shocked. It brought tears to my eyes and a big smile to my face and I felt so loved. My neighbor had sent it and she wrote all these things that I had done for her and her kids  and it was really special for her to take the time to write this to me. She had always thanked me and showed her appreciation but this was so different. I just want to say thanks for starting this project, it felt good to receive this but it also was nice to sit down and right a letter of appreciation to someone who you do appreciate but actually put it into more words then just THANK YOU!! Good luck with this project!

December 6th, 2016 (sports)

Yesterday I got my letter from C.R. and I love this project your doing, wish we did it last year! I got you some free stuff from school because I know how much you love free stuff and I think you should rep MSU in the classroom!

December 7th, 2016 (sports)

My name is Melissa and I recently received a letter from my cousin (L.S) as part of her Write It Forward Project.  I just wanted to say that I thought this was a great idea and perfectly timed around the holiday season.  It is rare to have younger adults hand write a letter these days and take a break from the speed of life and tell someone how much they are appreciated.  I think this project will bring a lot of joy and I know that the number of letters that are sent will be quite numerous.  I wish success with the project and I hope that the students are empowered by the impact they make and that they are able to strengthen their relationships with the people they each chose to write their letters to.  I will be sending a letter to my mom next as part of this project and I know that she will keep the project going as well.  Thank you again!

Happy Holidays!

The letter I received from D.F. put a smile on my face from the moment I was reading it all the way to the end. The way he set up his diction was phenomenal and overall is one of the kindest letters I have ever received from a family member!  To answer your question on the paper, one letter can make a difference in someone’s day or life because this was out of the blue and it is a heart warming feeling to know your cousin really enjoys your company.
Sincerely: Cousin Bob

December 13th, 2016

Dear Mr. Molloy,
    My name is S.N. and your student L.N. sent me a letter.  I have received all the information about it and plan to write her back.  I think this is such a great idea to have the students still practice handwriting letters.  I do that all the time to my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.  I usually talk to Lindsey every day considering she is my best friend as well as my cousin.  She is a remarkable person and I am honored that she chose me as the person to write to.

2016 – 2017 Write it Forward Destinations

Over the course of the 16-17 school year, students have written a few letters of appreciation to important people in their lives. The individual feedback has been incredible.

The goal is for the recipients of the letters to “Write it Forward.” When the letter has been sent to a 5th person, we ask for the feedback sheet to be returned to us. The following is a list of the states and countries who have received letters so for. Click here to see the map.

There are 111 students who will be participating in this activity. Each will write 2 – 5 letters this year.


  1. Brazil
  2. Ireland
  3. Portugal
  4. The United States


  1. Florida: Naples
  2. Louisiana: Terrytown
  3. Massachusetts: (See towns below)
  4. Michigan: East Lansing
  5. Nebraska
  6. New Hampshire: Bartlett
  7. New York
  8. Wyoming

Massachusetts Towns

  1. Braintree
  2. Bridgewater
  3. Danvers
  4. Dennis
  5. Dorchester
  6. East Bridgewater
  7. Hanover
  8. Hanson
  9. Lakeville
  10. Norwood
  11. Pembroke
  12. Plymouth
  13. Quincy
  14. Rockland
  15. Scituate
  16. West Roxbury
  17. Westwood
  18. Weymouth
  19. Yarmouthport




Write it Forward: December Destinations

Over the course of the 16-17 school year, students have written a few letters of appreciation to important people in their lives. The individual feedback has been incredible.

The goal is for the recipients of the letters to “Write it Forward.” When the letter has been sent to a 5th person, we ask for the feedback sheet to be returned to us. The following is a list of the responses for this month.

For the Holiday Season, we are sharing some letters of appreciation to the important people in our lives. Below is a list of the relationship of the person receiving the letter and the place where they live. This has turned into an international project with letter going to Portugal, Ireland, and Brazil. Click on the map that we will be updating the map as we receive feedback!

Uma carta pode fazer a diferença?

Uma carta pode fazer a diferença?

(Dia de Ação de Graças) Cartas de apreciação: O Projeto Escrever para Adiante


“Pode escrever uma carta sincera, amável e incentivar cinco (5) outros a fazerem o mesmo?” Uma classe de Hanover High (MA) está completando o projeto Write It Forward. O objetivo é espalhar um pouco de gratidão em torno de Hanover, Massachusetts, América e do MUNDO! Para as atribuições de “Ação de Graças”, cada aluno seleciona uma pessoa importante para escrever uma carta de agradecimento.

Você fez a diferença na vida de uma pessoa e é muito apreciada! Esperançosamente, sua carta trouxe um sorriso e um pouco de apreciação a sua vida. Se o fizesse, você poderia por favor escrevê-lo para a frente?

Tire alguns momentos forade seu dia ocupado para escrever uma carta a uma pessoa que você aprecia!

Aqui está tudo o que você precisa fazer para participar do nosso projeto!

  1. Escreva uma carta manuscrita para uma pessoa importante em sua vida (é ok para digitar também).
  2. INCLUIR ESTA FOLHA COM SUA CARTA! Preencha a próxima linha aberta com o SEU nome, a SUA localização, a pessoa a quem você está enviando a carta ea data.
  3. Insira a letra E a folha de informações em um envelope e envie-a por correio ou entregue-a.

FEEDBACK é muito importante para este projeto. Compartilhe seus pensamentos por e-mail: bdias19@hanoverstudents.org.

Carta original enviada por:                                                     de Hanover, MA para.                                              . em:               .     

                                         (Nome, Último inicial)                      (cidade, estado)                (destinatário)                             (data)

Carta #2 enviada por:                                                     de Hanover, MA para.                                  ____            . em:               .     

                                         (Nome, Último inicial)            (cidade, estado)                (destinatário)                                (data)

Carta #3 enviada por:                                                     de Hanover, MA para.                                  ____            . em:               .     

                                         (Nome, Último inicial)            (cidade, estado)                (destinatário)                                (data)

Carta #4 enviada por:                                                     de Hanover, MA para.                                  ____            . em:               .     

                                         (Nome, Último inicial)            (cidade, estado)                (destinatário)                                (data)

Carta #5 enviada por:                                                     de Hanover, MA para.                                  ____            . em:               .     

                                         (Nome, Último inicial)            (cidade, estado)                (destinatário)                                (data)1.

Se você recebeu a carta # 5, poderia por favor enviar por correio a lista completa para (POR FAVOR, incluir um endereço de retorno):

Sr. Mark Molloy

Escola secundária de Hanover

287 Cedar Street

Hanover, MA 02339, USA

Top 10 Responses: Write it Forward 16 – 17

Over the course of the 16-17 school year, students have written a few letters of appreciation to important people in their lives. The individual feedback has been incredible.

The goal is for the recipients of the letters to “Write it Forward.” When the letter has been sent to a 5th person, we ask for the feedback sheet to be returned to us. The following is a list of the responses for this month.

The teacher used bold print to highlight what he feels is the most meaningful comments. Check back to see what is the #1 comment for the year!

1. Hello, I just received a letter for the write it forward project and it couldn’t have come at a better time. A month ago I got a call for a kidney transplant and have been in Florida since my surgery. I have to be in Florida for 3 months to recover. I am staying at my aunt and uncles home with my mom, but the rest of my family is home in Massachusetts. This letter brightened my day and put a smile on my face because I am currently really missing home and my family. This is a great project and I encourage more classes to take part. You never know what someone is going through and a simple letter can brighten someone’s day and cheer them up. Thank you. (October 24, 2016)

2. What a wonderful project to do. The letter we received from our granddaughter brought tears to both our eyes!! It is amazing how you know these things, but to received them in a hand written letter from your grandchild, well its just amazing!!   I will be forwarding this Write it Forward to many people in hopes they do the same. (Grandmother: September 18, 2016)

3. Hi, I just sent you the envelope for the write it forward program. It was a wonderful idea and gave me the chance to hear from a very good friend. We were colleagues for a long time and she has since retired, so we do not see each other as often anymore. Receiving her letter made my day because it was so positive and full of love and support. It arrived on a day that I was questioning my effectiveness as a teacher after a very difficult day, so it was a real pick-me-up to say the least. I was so pleased to have been part of the program. Thank you, Sue  (P.D. 2020 original letter) (Rockland, Massachusetts Teacher: October 20, 2016)

4. What a wonderful surprise to receive such a sweet letter from our grandson last week.  It was nice to read some of the things I had forgotten. I think this is such a nice project!

On Wednesday my husband and I will be going to Houlton, ME to meet and have lunch with my Pen Pal of 57 years. (Teacher Comment: Like a Snapchat Streak #1, #2 #3 367 days, #4, #6) She is from Oromocto, NB, Canada and we met as single young ladies on our way to CT to visit with relatives.   We exchanged address and have kept in touch ever since.  We wrote (in cursive and sent via Mail) until a few years ago and then mostly by phone and FB (Teacher Contuity & Change Communication is change way we communicate is different)We have only seen each other in person three times in all these years but still feel very close.   So I will write her a note and bring it with me and see if she will continue to carry this on. I am happy to be a part of this! (Grandparents: September 20, 2016)

5. I am honored to be a part of the Write it Forward Project.  As  a  former elementary school  teacher, I welcome a connection with younger people.

When I received a letter from my friend, S.L, I was teary-eyed to read the positive things she wrote about me.  I am in the  process  of writing to my friend L.C., and I feel such gratitude toward her for being a great friend.

I  thank you and your students for putting positive energy out into the world.  We need it.

Good luck with the  project. (Elementary School Teacher: October 23, 2016)

6. We are [a student’s] grandparents and were thrilled to have received his letter.  We were away last week touring some of our National Parks and returned home to Maine to find his letter.  It brought not just smiles but a good laugh out of us as he concluded his letter.  We were surprised to see the depth of feelings he has for us.  He is a very quiet and reserved individual but loves to tease his grandfather and over the years this has made an impact on both of them.  Living out of state and not seeing our grandson as frequently as we’d like, it is so nice to see that despite the distances between us we can still make a difference. 

This project enabled our grandson to reflect and express on paper his thoughts and feelings.  We feel truly blessed to have him in our lives and to be able to continue watching him grow into a fine young man. (Grandparents: September 18, 2016)

7. I received a wonderful letter from my  granddaughter. I was surprised and delighted to receive it. She and I corresponded this summer while she was at camp.  We always exchange post cards.

Letter writing has become a lost art. I so enjoy going to the mail box and finding a letter there from a friend, I have a friend from nursing school 66 years ago we correspond regularly. Thank you for the great work you do and all the teachers at H.H.S. (Grandmother: September 18, 2016)

 8. Hello, my name is Greyson. I am the 4th recipient on this page (which started with Bobby C.). I was very pleased getting a letter expressing appreciation from someone close to me. It was extra special that this came from a line of people all doing the same thing. I think this should definitely be an annual event (and include more than just your class!), if not more frequent. I love this idea and message, and feel blessed to have experienced the wonderful feeling of not only being appreciated but also expressing appreciation for someone who created such an impact on me.

I think that as human beings, we often take people for granted, and do not thank them or show appreciation. I find it funny that we have a specific holiday to be thankful (which coincidentally was last week), as if to prove how we can sometimes be ungrateful. So, thank you. (November 28, 2016)